Uncommon Uses For Scrap Metal


The abundance of available metal in our world creates a lot of waste. Scrap metal can come from a variety of sources; deriving from old appliances or equipment, old cars, or can be scavenged from rundown buildings. Metal is usually sold by weight to junkyards and other dealers, who in turn sell them to recycling facilities that melt and reuse them. Besides local recycling, there are some uncommon uses for pieces of metal that can help people save more and spend less.

Do-it-yourself projects

Scrap metal is a great material to base a do-it-yourself (DIY) project on. Being hard yet malleable, metal is great for crafting tools, furniture repairs, furnishings, and other things that a person can use around the household. A spark of creativity, coupled with basic mechanical know-how, can turn unwanted scrap metal into useful things that every household could benefit from. Most projects involving junk metal involve some preparation, mainly getting any rust off, and making sure to round out smart edges to avoid potential injury. Scrap metal can be used as wind chimes, stools, chairs, hangers, hooks, shelves and desks. There have even been stories of spare metal being used as material for makeshift prosthesis and wheelchairs.


Junkyards and recycling centers are a growing attraction for art enthusiasts looking for quality material to use on their own projects. Metal is a good material to work with. Its malleable yet durable nature, coupled with the innate symbolism it has for commercialization and the modern world, makes metal a good material of choice for artists looking to make a statement. Metalworking used to be an artisan craft, but the advent of modern art has made it a means for artists to turn their imagination into a reality. Almost every city has an art community centered around working with metal. For more information on scrap metal use, and to connect with your Premier recycling center in Houston.

Uncommon Uses For Scrap Metal